World Kidney Day, Duff Street Medical Clinic, Cranbourne

World Kidney Day: 5 Golden Rules for Healthy Kidneys

Kidney health is largely overlooked. And that is understandable since most kidney disease won’t show any symptoms unless it gets severe. Kidney Disease is often “silent” in nature Kidneys are our body’s personal filtering system. They are responsible for filtering both the body’s blood and other waste materials that may enter the body through food,

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World Cancer Day 2021, Cancer Management , Duff Street Medical Clinic

World Cancer Day 2021: Spread The Word on Cancer Prevention

World Cancer Day is a global initiative when the entire world comes together to raise awareness for cancer. At Duff Street Medical Clinic, we mark World Cancer Day to place cancer at the forefront of our conversation. What is the importance of World Cancer Day? World Cancer Day aims to create awareness and encourage all

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5 heart health mistake not to make in 2021, Duff Street Medical Clinic , Cranbourne

5 Heart Health Mistakes not to repeat in 2021 and how to fix them

Heart disease is the number 1 health threat we all face – claiming thousands of lives every year in Australia. Despite the statistics, heart disease is highly preventable. An estimated 80% of cardiovascular disease including heart disease and strokes are preventable. You may wonder, if they are highly preventable, why aren’t they? A lot of

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Thrive Magazine Issue 4 for health and wellbeing information

Welcome to the 4th issue of Thrive Magazine

With December upon us and a summer of fun ahead, where we can take the opportunity to de-stress and unwind, you’ll find in this issue of Thrive. We bring you content to help you keep in check what normally is an ‘over-indulging’ time, the opportunity to review your finances by mitigating the ‘Laziness Tax’ and when celebrating with friends and family during the festive period and still enjoy yourself with mindful drinking.

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