Weight Loss Clinic


Change your life today at our weight loss clinic with our 12-week weight loss program. With ongoing and experienced support from our nursing team, you will be guaranteed to lose weight and achieve your health goals.

  • The weight loss clinic runs 5 days per week with our practice nurse
  • Weekly visits will guarantee best results
  • A welcome pack is offered on the first week that details the program
  • Our nurses will contact you on a weekly basis, ensuring you stick to the program and achieve the results you need.

At your first appointment, you will be provided with a Health & Lifestyle Kit containing,

  • Recipe book
  • Food diary
  • Calorie counter
  • Measurement tape

Our nurses will help you to determine a meal plan that is right for you, and will follow up on healthy eating habits. Sometimes you just need to be accountable to someone!

At Duff Street Medical Clinic, we like to take a more healthy approach to helping you lose weight by not focusing solely on the numbers on the scale.

Our practice nurses will take your measurements regularly, as well as doing a body composition analysis for you which will assess your

  • Body fat mass and percentage
  • Muscle mass and percentage
  • Water weight
  • Bone mass and BMI

This is in order to obtain a more well-rounded picture of your health and weight loss needs. Your doctor may also take blood tests to determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies.

Our weight loss program is in conjunction with a pharmaceutical company.

Begin the journey to a healthier you

Weight Loss Plan on table surrounded by fruit