Man standing on pavement looking at the fitness app on his digital watch to see if he has walked 10,000 steps

Do 10,000 steps a day really improve heart health?

10,000 steps a day – keeps the doctor away is more of a marketing myth. While keeping that momentum will definitely improve your health, research says sticking with this arbitrary number isn’t necessary.  10,000 steps a day was more of a marketing tool for selling fitness devices back in the 1960s in Japan. What was

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A man sitting in silence as a consequence of anxiety,

How do I know I have anxiety?

Being over-concerned about your future or reiterating past scenarios in your mind, many common signs of anxiety are often missed. Our doctors at Duff Street Medical Clinic have come up with a list of things about how to know if you have anxiety.

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A woman suffering from heartburn as a result of eating spicy meals

8 ways to prevent heartburn 

The healthy acids that are naturally produced are meant to remain in the stomach. But when they travel upwards where it shouldn’t be, then you get heartburn. Here are eight ways you can prevent that from happening. 

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