Cervical Cancer detection by Cranbourne Doctors now at Duff street medical Clinic

Cervical Cancer Awareness

At Duff Street Medical we understand Pap Smears are daunting for everyone but it is important to get them done regularly. Sadly around 903 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year alone, that’s why it’s good to stay on top of your health…down there At Duff Street we have FEMALE doctors 7 days

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Bulk billing lungs health services at Duff Street Medical Clinic, Cranbourne Doctors

Lung Awareness Month

Duff Street Medical is helping patients breathe easy this month. As November is Lung Awareness Month we are doing our bit to shine light on lung health. There is a common misconception that lung disease only affects smokers. However, at least 1 in 10 Australians will have some form of lung disease, which means it

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Pink Ribbon Event for fundraising for cervical cancer by Cranbourne Doctors

Pink Ribbon Month

We are thinking pink this October in a bid to raise awareness and money for women’s cancer. Despite advances in treatment, everyday 50 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer, sadly 12% of these women will not make it. The good news is survival rates for breast cancer have increased by 17%

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New Car Park of Duff Street Medical clinic at Cranbourne Medical centre


NEW CAR PARK!! We are happy to announce the new car park has finally been approved! It will hopefully be done in time for summer. In the mean time there is plenty of parking at Coles. We have created an easy walk way that’s completely lit up. Thank you for your patience! Duff St Medical.

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