Women’s Health

We all know that lives can get busy, but it’s important for women to get regular checks up and stay on top of their health.

At Duff Street, we understand this, but also know that women’s health is extremely important through all phases of their life.

We currently have many doctors who specialise in women’s health, both Male and Female doctors who work 7 days a week.

They specialise in such things as:

  • Pap Smears and Mammograms
  • Contraceptive information
  • IUD (Mirena) insertion done by Dr Joshi $100 (to be paid on the day)
  • Implanon removal and insertion
  • Adolescent women’s issues, and menopause.

Whether you have a specific women’s health concern or you are wanting an overall health check, the doctors at Duff Street Medical Centre are able to help.

We also have 4 female doctors on site working till 11pm weeknights to ensure all female patients are able to see a female doctor if they wish and they speak a variety of languages for patients convenience.