Common Heart Health Misconceptions That You Should Know

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February marked an important month for heart health with two key events—that’s in addition to Valentine’s Day. 19-25 February was Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week and the whole month was REDFEB’s Heart Research Month. As many of our patients know, the Duff Street Medical Clinic community is big on heart health Heart health affects us … Read more

Four Ways To Make 2024 Your Year Of Better Health

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Did you know? According to Time Magazine, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. More drop off over the following months, leaving only 8% of people sticking with their goals the entire year. Less than one in ten. FYI, research by found that this year, 73% of Australians (14.8 million people) have set … Read more

Staying Active and Healthy During the Holidays

Family enjoying Christmas together

With Christmas and time off fast approaching, many of us are entering ‘holiday mode’, a pretty nice mode to be in. However, when in such a mode, it can be easy to put physical activity and health on the backburner. We list ways to stay active and healthy during the holidays and beyond Why stay … Read more

National Nutrition Week – 4 Tips (Plus 3 Myths Busted)

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Although good nutrition is an everyday-of-the-year thing, 15-21 October marks National Nutrition Week. National Nutrition Week brings budget-friendly, simple solutions to help you achieve your daily 5 servings of vegetables. The main message: “every veg counts” means that with a veggie-based diet, you’re investing in your health—most certainly a wise move and something National Nutrition … Read more

Healthy Heart, Happy Life: Top Things to Know

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Did you know? Coronary heart disease is the world’s biggest killer, responsible for 16% of the world’s total deaths. The good news is that there are many ways to fight and even defeat heart problems. World Heart Day, 29 September, is a special day for hearts everywhere, aiming to remind the world to take care … Read more

Duff Street Clinic discusses breast cancer prevention and awareness.

Duff Street Clinic, Breast Cancer Awareness

Over 20,000 women in Australia have been diagnosed this year with breast cancer. Our clinic aims to reduce breast cancer incidence by discussing the symptoms, prevention and screening options for women.  Being breast-aware saves lives. Early detection is critical in the successful treatment of breast cancer. You can be breast-aware by regularly examining your breasts, … Read more