How do I know I have anxiety?

A man sitting in silence as a consequence of anxiety,

Being over-concerned about your future or reiterating past scenarios in your mind, many common signs of anxiety are often missed. Our doctors at Duff Street Medical Clinic have come up with a list of things about how to know if you have anxiety.

8 ways to prevent heartburn 

A woman suffering from heartburn as a result of eating spicy meals

The healthy acids that are naturally produced are meant to remain in the stomach. But when they travel upwards where it shouldn’t be, then you get heartburn. Here are eight ways you can prevent that from happening. 

Issue 7! Welcome to mid-year edition of Thrive E-Magazine

Thrive E-magazine Issue 7, mid year edition, Duff Street Medical Clinic

Welcome to our mid-year edition, Issue 7 of Thrive. We bring, yet again another amazing edition with stories that embraces rage core pillars of health and wellness. What’s more exciting is the return of the Olympics to Australia after 32 years. At Thrive, we belief that the sporting spirit is exactly what we need to lift our eyes up a little. Read more to get inspired, educated and fall in love with your health again.

Bloating and pain after you’ve eaten? Your gluten intolerance could be coeliac disease too

Gluten Intolerance and Coeliac Disease have similar symptoms, Coeliac disease doctor Cranbourne

Bloating and abdominal pain are some of the most common symptoms of gluten intolerance.  But the bottom line is, could your pain or ingestion signal something more serious? Let’s find out.  Gluten intolerance is a common digestive issue caused due to unfavourable reaction to gluten-a form of protein found in most food items including medicines … Read more

World Kidney Day: 5 Golden Rules for Healthy Kidneys

World Kidney Day, Duff Street Medical Clinic, Cranbourne

Kidney health is largely overlooked. And that is understandable since most kidney disease won’t show any symptoms unless it gets severe. Kidney Disease is often “silent” in nature Kidneys are our body’s personal filtering system. They are responsible for filtering both the body’s blood and other waste materials that may enter the body through food, … Read more