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Duff Street Medical Clinic - Allied Health Professionals

To book an appointment with our Allied Health Professionals, please call our clinic on (03) 5995 4988 or by using the call buttons below.


Dr Lindy Storme Cranbourne Psychologist - Allied Health Professional



About Dr Lindy Storme and Service

Dr Storme is available Mondays and Thursdays. 8.40am to 5pm.

Dr Vlad Petrulis Psychologist in Cranbourne - Allied Health Professional

Dr Vlad Petrulis


About Dr Vlad Petrulis and Service

Dr Petrulis is a Psychologist with over 10 years of private psychologist experience in the clinical environment.

His expertise covers advanced counselling, health psychology and early dementia, drugs and alcohol, children and teenagers, work injuries and TAC, victims of crime, performs hypnosis for smokes, assists patients with their documentation for legal matters and advances psychology training.

Dr Petrulis is a full member of The Australian Psychological Society and The World Futures Studies Federation. Dr Petrulis works Fridays.


Adam Abbas

Occupational Physiotherapist

About Adam Abbas and Service

Adam started his career as an Exercise Scientist and went on to complete his Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy.

As a physiotherapist, Adam has worked across Great Britain and Australia with sporting organisation’s, recreations athletes and with the chronically ill.  

Adam has exceptional manual therapy skills and technical knowledge in orthopaedics, chronic pain, dry needling, manual therapy, ergonomics and musculoskeletal medicine.

As an authorised Occupational Physiotherapist, Adam has the skills to not only treat your workplace / transport injury, but to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work and life.

James Wooldridge Cranbourne Physiotherapist - Allied Health Professional

James Wooldridge


About James Wooldridge and Service

James graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2011.

His areas of special interest include sporting injuries, shoulder and neck pain and working with patients to achieve a successful return to work

Podiatry - My Foot Dr

Gayesha Perera Cranbourne Podiatrist - Allied Health Professional

Gayesha Perera


About Gayesha Perera and Service

Gayesha is available Fridays 9am to 3pm

Our podiatry team specialise in all lower leg and foot conditions including diabetic foot health and sports injuries, nail, and skin pathologies. Our podiatrists manage conditions such as back pain, hip and knee pain, shin or calf / leg soreness, and Achilles tendinopathy all by assessment and control of an individual’s biomechanics / kinematics.

We provide specific treatment for injuries within the foot such as heel pain /spurs, metatarsalgia and arch pain / plantarfasciitis. They also manage and treat bunions, claw toe, osteoarthritis, and growing pains in children from an early age.

Our Podiatrist’s knowledge of footwear – running and casual is thorough, with regular communication with leading sports brands and wear testing. This enables the Podiatrist to recommend the correct shoe style and fit for each individual’s needs.


Barbara Mitchell Cranbourne Dietician - Allied Health Professional

Barbara Mitchell


About Barbara Mitchell and Service

Barbara is a Dietician with over 35 years’ experience, including 21 years as a Community Health Dietitian and 10 years as a Clinical Dietician. 

Barbara has extensive experience in diabetes education, weight management, women’s health including PCOS, cardiovascular nutrition, gastro nutrition and ante-natal nutrition.

Diabetic Educator

Magaret Weber Diabetic Educator in Cranbourne - Allied Health Professional

Margaret Weber

Diabetic Educator

About Margaret Weber and Service

Margaret is a Credentialed Diabetic Educator with 10 years experience working with people with diabetes in general practice and over 20 years of general nursing practice.

During a session with Margaret, some of the topics you will cover are: weight management, diet, exercise, smoking/alcohol, sick day management and hypoglycaemia as well as information on insulin pump therapy to name a few.