Allied Health Services at Duff Street Medical Clinic

Allied health professionals offer a wide range of health services. Along with general practitioners, they form a broad range of health providers to provide a better diagnosis to patients. Allied health professionals can be your dietitian or your physiotherapist that helps you with your movement. There are 16 different allied health professions registered under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

In Australia, we saw a 43% growth in allied health services over the last 10 years. With such incredible growth, allied health professionals are indispensable for modern medicine. Their work is distinct from GPs and surgeons. They help you in rehabilitation, recovery, counseling and provide services for the best outcome of your diagnosis.

Allied health services are generally not covered by your GP. However, at our Cranbourne West Medical centre, our allied health team is highly experienced and specialises in Workcover/TAC/Medicare and Veteran’s Affairs clientele, providing some bulk-billed services.

Allied health services at our  Cranbourne West doctors clinic

Our allied health professionals aim to enhance the quality of your diagnosis. They will provide critical support and help you recover quickly. At our wellness clinic, you can avail some of our finest allied health services including:

Psychology: We provide counseling, treatments, therapies for your mental well-being.

Physiotherapy: They focus on your recovery, movement and rehabilitation from injury, chronic disease and disability.

Diabetes Clinic Melbourne:  Our diabetes management plans provide bulk-billed visits to our allied professionals including diabetes educators, podiatrists and dieticians.

Work Cover and TAC services: Along with GPs, our allied health professionals play a prominent role in helping you to recover and help you return to your work smoothly.

Benefits of Allied Health Services

A physiotherapist helping a patient with recovery movement, Allied Health Services in Cranbourne

  • Allied health professionals are trained to support patients in recovery from illness, injury and chronic disease management, helping to enhance your overall health.
  • Your psychologists and counselors are allied health professionals who help with improving your mental health. They can help with addressing depressions and anxiety.
  • Allied health professionals can help with weight management, nutrition, and special diet consultations.
  • Allied health professionals aim to enhance your overall health, a podiatrist can help with limb movement or your occupational therapists who use evidence-based practices to live a healthier life.

At our wellness clinic, we have also established a clinical Pilates gym for assisting our patients with rehabilitation. For more information read what services we offer here.

You can either make an online appointment or contact our team to discuss your condition.