Asthma Cycle of Care: A preventive approach to your Asthma management

Asthma is a major health concern in Australia affecting almost one in ten Australians of all age groups. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 2.7 million Australians had Asthma in the 2017-18 census which causes huge medical expenditure for the government.

Asthma has no cure and the underlying reasons for its cause are still under research, However, it is highly manageable and with a preventive management plan and lifestyle changes, you can lead a healthy life without any concerns. 

For those who suffer from Asthma or show symptoms, we offer excellent asthma management and onsite lung function tests that can help manage your condition without much hard work. Our “Asthma Cycle of Care” will help you get on top of your condition.

Who gets Asthma and what can trigger its symptoms 

Asthma can happen to anyone, including adults who have not seen any asthma symptoms as a child. 

National Asthma Council also presents that Asthma can run in families, meaning genetics too could influence Asthma in you. 

A lot of other reasons likes outdoor pollutions, allergens and lifestyle choices can trigger Asthma on you. 

Some of the reasons for Asthma triggers are:

  • Airborne Allergen – pollution, dust and pollens
  • Exercise-induced Asthma – high-intensity exercises at polluted outdoors for a long time
  • Viral respiratory infections – cold or flu 
  • Occupational exposures – people working in coal mines, chemical industry where the working environment is exposed to dust, chemicals and fumes
  • Medications – aspirins, steroids with anti-inflammatory drugs  

How can preventive care service help control Asthma

Asthma in itself is not curable, but a good management plan by your GP and care with your day-to-day life can help you get at top of the condition. 

We have placed our excellent management plan for your best help. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in your Asthma plan. 

Team-based focus – We have placed a team of qualified practice nurses to run some tests usually with the conjunction of a doctor 

Review of medicines – A thorough review of your medications, devices, access to help would be conducted.

Consultation and Patient-Education –  A consultation followed by a written action plan for your dos and don’ts would be provided in your 20 minutes session. 

Lung test/Spirometry – A lung function test to assess your condition is integral for your Asthma management plan. A different booking for this test is required. This pulmonary function test would ideally give critical information on the amount/or speed of air inhaled and exhaled. 

Things to keep in mind 

  • Asthma is a long-term medical condition, periodic and regular health checks are indeed recommended by experts. 
  • Visiting your doctors and building a relationship with them would help in discussing your issues without hesitation and help in easy reviews of your action plan.
  • Discuss with doctors to get immunized against flu, especially if you have severe Asthma. 
  • Excessive smoking can have adverse effects and can trigger Asthma. Seek help from doctors if you want to reduce/quit smoking. 

Living with Asthma 

Living with Asthma is easy, the key to do it is to practice safe care and regular visits to your doctors. It is important to understand your type of Asthma and learn about what causes your symptoms and avoid things that can trigger it. 

There are many resources available that can give an idea of your condition. For example, a list of “Know your allergic triggers” is a good way to start.  

If you are concerned with your Asthma condition or you feel you have symptoms, get help quickly. Our management plans are very personlised and we make sure you receive the best care for your Asthma. If you want to book an appointment with us, simply call us at (03) 5995 4988 or book us online.