Navigating lockdown 2: Four ways to support yourself during COVID-19

With stage 4 restrictions already effective across Melbourne, this brings understandably many challenges associated with our physical and mental health as well as loss of freedom and livelihood. 

Maintaining good physical and mental health is important to keep yourself happy. Preparing a schedule around your activities at home every day can bring structure and a sense of discipline while still in isolation. 

There could be many ways you would like to spend your time. A regular morning walk, exercising at home or spending time doing gardening could be healthy ways to keep ourselves maintain a positive outlook on life. 

Taking control of your health during a pandemic is essential to lead a happy life. Here are 4 ways you can take charge and how doctors can help you.

Four ways to support yourself and how a doctor can help

Get enough physical activity

Under the new Stage 4 restrictions, we are still allowed to exercise outdoors for an hour daily. One hour of outdoor exercise is enough and you can make good use of it. 

This one-hour exercise guide is a good way to navigate their 1-hour exercise options that suits you the best. 

Even practicing hobbies can be a good way to get more active in your life.  

In Melbourne, virtual exercise classes have gained popularity. An online workout is a great way to maintain an hour of physical activity and connect with others. 

This guide to being active is a great piece of information for anyone wanting to boost their physical health.

Do the essentials for a good mental health 

Maintaining social connections is vital for good mental health and supports stress management. 

But, there are some essentials that are beneficial for your mind. Our doctors recommend:

  • Communicate your emotions with others and seek support from your loved ones.
  • Create a schedule that includes mindfulness activities regularly 
  • Don’t overuse social media instead read more books, play board games, solve puzzles and keep regular connections with your friends and families. 

At our Wellness Centre, Cranbourne our team of experts emphasizes prevention and your wellbeing. Our psychologists have expertise in a range of mental health conditions and offer expert counselings.

Monitor your health and understand your indicators

Seeking help from a doctor is vital if your health indicators are different than normal

Be remindful of your health indicators, like your blood pressure, glucose level, heart rate or weight and how changes to these indicators impact your life. 

A regular visit to your doctors can check for your vital signs.  

Your local GPs can provide an overall view of your health. Regular visits to your doctors are important for preventing diseases and detecting issues early is the simplest way to stay at the top of your health.

Our General Practice, Cranbourne is still operational with 15 onsite doctors providing care services for a range of issues including men’s health and women’s health.

Improve your diet

Improved diet for an active life

Eating a variety of food including meat, vegetables while limiting sugar and aerated drinks is a great way to improve your health. 

A doctor can guide you about what diet and level of exercise can help you lead an active life. 

Our dieticians can help in planning a diet plan according to your health results and requirements

Schedule an appointment today with our doctors. 

Even in isolation, it is important to regularly visit your doctors. Our team of 15 GPs is open for services at our clinics. We also offer telehealth consultations iof traveling is not an option. 

You can either schedule an online booking or contact us at (03) 5995 4988 to speak with our staff for further information.