Lung Awareness Month

Duff Street Medical is helping patients breathe easy this month. As November is Lung Awareness Month we are doing our bit to shine light on lung health.

There is a common misconception that lung disease only affects smokers. However, at least 1 in 10 Australians will have some form of lung disease, which means it is vital people get their lung health checked – particularly if experiencing ongoing issues such as shortness of breathe.

Throughout November we are partnering up with Heartscope to offer patients bulk billed lung function tests.

To be eligible, you must fit on the following criteria
– Suffer from asthma or allergies
– Have, or have previously suffered form heart disease
– Be a smoker, or a former smoker
– Have traveled to places where you may have been exposed to tuberculosis
– Have worked in a job that exposed you to dust, fumes or particles

We also offer many other BULK BILLED services at our clinic including
– Quit smoking sessions with our GP
– Hypnosis
– Asthma Action Plan