Pink Ribbon Month

We are thinking pink this October in a bid to raise awareness and money for women’s cancer. Despite advances in treatment, everyday 50 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer, sadly 12% of these women will not make it. The good news is survival rates for breast cancer have increased by 17% and 7% for gynecological cancers, thanks to advancements in research and prevention.

Early detection is one of the most important factors in successful treatment.

Our doctors say “knowing about these cancers and signs and symptoms to look for may help find them early when they are small and easy to treat” Healthy eating and exercise are also vital.

“Awareness of the cancers and being informed of what symptoms to watch for is important”

“seeking medical attention when there are symptoms of concern ,attending regular checks with doctors and self examination are imperative. Regular screening such as pap smears, mammograms and bowel screening are also very important”

At Duff Street we will show our support to patients and the community by hosting a Pink Ribbon event on Saturday October 29th

We have a donating page if you would like to support us